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How important is branding in cannabis? Short answer…very.

There is still a perception that buying cannabis legally is still a sketchy endeavor that takes you through back alleys, down a dreary dank basement and into some random room with someone waiting to exchange cash for some random pre-determined bag of “flower” or sticks and shake which has no name, weight, strength etc. That is the perception by some who are staunch opponents of legalization.

The reality is more radiant. As legalization sweeps through the country, the industry is growing in what seems like a Fibonacci Sequence of products emerging on a daily basis from consumption products such as flower, concentrates, edibles, cbd to lifestyle products such as vape pens, pipes, bongs, papers to production products such as hydration systems, soils, soil nutrients etc  – the choices are endless.

As the choices grow, so does the need for branding – standing out in a crowded marketplace. The first legal dispensary I went to in Portland back in 2015 was fairly standard – jars of flower displayed on a shelf with names that are almost impossible to remember from one strain to the next. After the budtender weighed and packaged exactly the strain I asked for, I enjoyed the product without ever remembering what it was – which is a shame because I wanted that again next time I went back. This happens all too often, consumers buying exactly what they need without ever remembering what they bought.

As the dispensary experience evolves, giving consumers a more elevated experience (ie. Crop in MA), so should the product purchase decisions. Making your flower, edible, or concentrate stand out and memorable will be paramount to building your cannabis business and brand. Cannabis brands could borrow a page from the craft beer industry playbook. Eventually shelf space will be the battleground that brands will fight for attention.

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